Debaters mentor Bell EXPO students in the art of argument


Bell Elementary

Katelyn PItt mentors EXPO students in debate techniques at Bell Elementary on Feb. 15. The visit from debate students was so successful, there is already another scheduled for later this semester.

Logan Booker and Brittney Dear, Staff

Braswell debate students visited Bell Elementary’s EXPO students Feb. 15 to tutor them in debate techniques.

Bell EXPO teacher Billie Lowrie had emailed BHS debate teacher Magan Locey about the possibility of Braswell students visiting Bell to tutor the students. Locey thought it was a great idea and started making plans for the visit.

“[Locey’s] students were awesome,” Lowrie said. “It was like they read my mind and knew exactly what I envisioned for their time with us.”

The high school debate students taught the EXPO students how to identify strategies for debate, act confidently and project when they speak. Both Locey and Lowrie thought the visit was so successful, they have already planned another later this semester.

“It’s really exciting for us, because if we can get elementary students excited about debate, then hopefully that transfers to middle school and high school,” Locey said. “It’s a really awesome opportunity to expose kids to an activity they maybe wouldn’t get otherwise.”

Debate student Audrey Guzman was one of the mentors who went to Bell. She said she’s hopeful that the visit left EXPO students with skills they can use for a lifetime.

“[Debating] teaches them that debating is way better than arguing,” Guzman said. “You know that you have the facts. So debate helps little kids know that instead of making random reasons, they know like ‘Oh, OK, so this is the right way to do it.’”