Crowning achievement

Royals win big at regional dance competition


MaryRose Seaman

The Royals compete as a team at the regional dance competition Feb. 11. The group received numerous Division I ratings, along with other honors at the competition.

The Royals brought home numerous awards at their first regional dance competition Feb. 11, including team and officer sweepstakes.

The competition included team dances, along with individual performances from drill team members.

The dancers started the day stressed, but by the end, they were excited about their accomplishments.

“I rate the competition a five, stress-wise, because some moments before we went out were stressful,” Madison Grant said. “But Mrs. Shelburne helped us stay in line, and not be as stressed, which helped a lot.”

The Royals learned their dances about eight weeks prior to competition.

I was excited to see the girls came together as a team encouraging, supporting, and cheering each other on throughout the entire competition,” Shelburne said. “The girls gave 110 percent for each dance performed, and it showed on the dance floor. It was the best I had seen them perform.”

In addition to team and officer sweepstakes, in which all dances won a Division I rating or above, the Royals also scored Division I ratings for their Social Officer Trio (Madi Grant, Lola Okelola and Jordyn Kerr) and four soloists (Spencer Ford, Okelola, Kerr and Alexis Howard). Courtney Arnold received the Anita Jefferson Conley Recognition of Excellence Award, Howard received the Individual Photogenic Award and Shelburne received the Director Appreciation Award.

“Receiving the director award at competition was a moment I will never forget and a huge honor,” Shelburne said.  

The Royals will attend the state championship competition Feb. 25 in the Colony.