The top five shows to watch right now

The top five shows to watch right now

This is Us


“This Is Us” came out of nowhere, surprising everyone with its touching storylines and family messages. The NBC show premiered in the fall, but the creators didn’t think it would last past a few episodes. Boy, were they wrong. If you’ve ever seen “Parenthood” (the TV series), then “This is Us” will be right up your alley. The show is based around the lives of one family in both the past and present. By showing the two different timelines of one family, the audience can’t help but feel more connected to the characters.



“Shadowhunters” is a modernized version of the book series “The Mortal Instruments.” The Freeform show follows a group of demon-hunting teenagers trying to fix the world they live in and make everyone equal. Perfect timing. It focuses on the laws set up by the Clave and how they affect the Downworlders, creatures with demon blood in their veins. While most of the Shadowhunters have a more traditional mindset and don’t believe Downworlders can be good, their kids have different ideas and want to inspire a revolution. The show itself is filled with action and an ever-frustrating love triangle — this time, however, there’s a twist.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” began back in 2013 and has only gotten better since its debut. The show examines the world around them and the jokes they make deal with some of the issues we’re dealing with today. Also, the show has a fantastic cast, including Andre Braugher as the squad’s captain and former SNL “Digital Shorts” star Andy Samberg as a detective.



“Speechless” is a new ABC comedy that focuses on the life of one family whose oldest son has cerebral palsy. The creators are able to keep it funny while still throwing in family messages and disability awareness. The mom of the family, Maya, is always running around to try and support her kids as best she can, even if she is a tad late. Their family doesn’t have standards like normal ones do — they don’t care what people think of them, which is refreshing to see in this day and age because so many people are looking for approval. They also have a strong bond with each other. Unlike many shows these days, the central characters aren’t dysfunctional.

Legends of Tomorrow


“Legends of Tomorrow” is that one DC show you’ve probably never heard about. It isn’t as popular as other CW staples like “The Flash” or “Arrow” but it’s still a great show. The show focuses on a band of misfits that travel through time trying to fix anomalies created by villains from other CW shows. Some of these misfits include White Canary and Firestorm, as well as some new characters like Rip Hunter. Hunter is played by previous “Doctor Who” star Arthur Darvill, who gathers these people together to help him save his family and travel through time. History wise, everything is accurate, and seeing old times brought to life can bring out the history nerd inside that you never knew was there.