Kid Cudi’s new album an emotional exploration

Hunter Troppy, General Columnist

Kid Cudi’s new album, “Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’” unfolds a dark, mystical trip that the artist has taken.

It’s interesting for his fans to see and hear the one they know and love come back from rehab and take on the music industry once more. This new album’s theme is that although life may get tough, you can always pull through. “No matter the case, I’m all smiles” is Kid Cudi’s go-to motto for dealing with everyday struggles.

With the album covering 19 songs, it’s more than an hour-and-a-half long. And without a doubt, every second is worth listening to. Considering that his prior outing, “Speeding Bullet to Heaven,” did not satisfy many fans, “Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’” is a satisfying comeback.

“Wounds,” “Distant Fantasies” and “Swim in the Light” are explorations of emotions that can be difficult to cope with when we feel down. “Rose Golden,” “By Design,” “Baptized in Fire” and “Flight at First Sight” provide us with more of the rap/hip-hop we’re used to from him.

Kid Cudi expresses himself in such a way that we can relate to his emotions through simple hums and mellow, harmonic music. I don’t believe anyone can duplicate the incredible music this man can produce. I can’t wait to see what his future works will bring.
**** out of ****