Lack of knocking leads to awkward moment

Aneta Huckova, General Columnist

“Anetaaaaaa, you have to go coach them! Doc wants me in his office!”

He didn’t knock. He never did.

“Go away!” I mumbled into my pillow. I heard him running around the room, looking for god know’s what.

I rolled over to look at Peter standing in front of me. “Can’t you knock?”

“Why? You don’t seem really busy.” Peter grinned and tried to steal my pillow.

He stole my pillow before; I had to sleep on different pillow, which smelled gross. I quickly tucked the pillow under my stomach and stared at him. He was still smiling.

“It’s not even my group Peter, my group is by the river. Why are you bothering me with yours?” I sighed and rolled my eyes on him.

This had gone on for days now. Peter needed a favor, rushed to my room, dragged me out and eventually forced me to help him.

Peter’s instructor had left the camp a few days before with fever and stomach pains. He was left with 16 crazy teenage girls to watch over who needed a female with them, since half of them needed to talk about girl stuff.

Peter was terrified of them.

“OK … just get out, I will be in a second.” It was a given that I would help him. Although, sometimes I resisted him; once I ran around the whole camp hiding from him before he caught me and tickled me until I agreed to help him again.

“You are the best,” he said before disappearing behind the squeaking door.

I started to get up, trying to find suitable pants to wear. I found a pair of black shorts tucked in the back of my wardrobe and put them on. Once I put my hair in a bun and put my sneakers on, I decided to wear my favorite shirt with a pineapple on the front.

As I was changing, I heard loud gasp and turned around.

Peter stood in the doorway, his eyes wide and skin pale. I was staring at his face and didn’t know what to do. My face was red with embarrassment as I stood there topless without any feeling in my body.

The room seemed to shrink around us more and more. I almost couldn’t breathe, it felt so small. I couldn’t move, nor speak. We just looked at each other for a long time. It felt like minutes passed until reality hit me hard and I could think straight again.

“Get out!” I ywlled breathless, as if someone punched me in my chest. I couldn’t figure out how to speak yet.

He didn’t move at all.

“Peter. Get. Out. Now. I said, get out!” My voice came out high-pitched and sounded strange to my ears.

With a few blinks and little nod,  Peter vanished, leaving me topless and embarassed in the middle of my room, holding my pineapple T-shirt.
Finally, he had learned to knock.