Social circle

Students talk apps they like best, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter

Suh Kapapi and Taiyonna Tucker, A&E Critics

Coke vs. Pepsi.

Nike vs. Adidas.

Chick-fil-a vs. Whataburger.

There have been plenty of controversial matchups, but nothing gets students talking quite like comparing the top social media sites. Over the past 14 years, many sites have come and gone — R.I.P Friendster and MySpace. Right now, apps like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are students’ faves; in an informal poll, 80 percent of BHS students said they prefer Snapchat, 16 percent picked Twitter and four percent said Instagram.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. The service, which allows users to post quotes, gossip, photos and videos, rapidly gained worldwide popularity.

“I chose Twitter because it’s got beef, comedy and exposure,” Jamal Watitu said.

Many students said they like Twitter because it’s like “a diary that anyone can read.”

“I like Twitter because you’re able to get information and see what everybody is doing, and it keeps you in the loop of things,” Breeana White said.

Instagram was created in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It is a mobile photo-sharing application that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately and like those of whom you follow.

“I use Instagram to lurk honestly,” Tyra Campbell said.

Snapchat is the newest app, which was launched in September of 2011. It’s an image messaging and multimedia mobile app that was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University.

“I like Snapchat because of all the fun filters,” Antonio James said.

With Snapchat, after an image or video has been on a person’s “story” for 24 hours, it expires. Users can also start a “streak” with another user, but if they go a day without snapping them, the streak will be lost.

“Snapchat’s where it’s poppin’,” Morgan Nguyen said.