The great D-E-B-A-T-E

Cheerleaders weigh in on the sport they most love to root on


MaryRose Seaman

The varsity cheer team performs a routine to root on the football players.

Bruno Ladaniuski and Victoria Flores, Sports Reporters

Braswell cheerleaders know the importance of getting students on their feet during games. But for many cheerleaders, certain games put a little more pep in their step.

Now that football and basketball seasons have drawn to a close, cheerleaders share which sport they most love to cheer for.

“I like to cheer for football, because we are more involved with the crowd and the football players,” varsity cheerleader Brianna Houck said.

Junior varsity cheerleader London Knight said she also prefers football, mainly due to fan participation.

“I prefer football because it is more fun and there are usually bigger crowds,” she said.

During basketball games, the cheerleaders call the cheers depending on the plays, as opposed to football games, where they are able to do more stunts.

“As a fan, I like to watch basketball because I understand basketball better,” varsity cheer captain Ashton Doty said. “I have always been a basketball girl.”

Either way, cheerleaders are preparing to put their best foot forward for next year, with the 2017-18 squads recently announced.