Grandma’s little white lie gives dad, daughter amusing shared secret

Morgan Malin, General Columnist

We all have our guilty pleasures — mine being eating more than I can handle when I’m home alone.

In my grandma’s case, it’s gambling.

A little white lie isn’t that bad, right?

Almost every day, my grandma would tell me, my grandpa and my dad that she was going out to Shopko or Kmart to grab a few things.

“I’m going shopping, I’ll be back in couple of hours,” she would say.

My grandpa, sitting in his usual seat drinking his coffee and reading his newspaper, would shrug it off.

My dad and I would go out a while later to grab a bite to eat or go shopping.

Every single time — I kid you not — we’d see my grandma’s car parked at the local casino.

It’s funny because everyone knew what she was doing except for grandpa.

It’s ironic — my grandpa doesn’t event want my grandma to have a Facebook account because he’s afraid of the government hacking into it, yet he hasn’t noticed her little white lies or the small losses of money in his bank account.

Eventually, my dad and I made our own gambling game out of grandma’s casino excursions: Every time she said she was going out, we made a bet for either food or money to see who could spot her first, and then leave to follow her.

We were almost never disappointed.

Of course we’d never confront her about this because we wouldn’t want to embarrass her.

We’d be at home by the time she walked through the door. My dad and I would just look at each other and giggle.

Grandma’s fun little secret gave us our own to share, too.