A ‘Force’ful new trailer is with us

Lucasfilm releases first look at 'The Last Jedi'

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A ‘Force’ful new trailer is with us

Maya Dennis, A&E Critic

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Lucasfilm recently dropped a teaser for their most anticipated project, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. Since the release of Episode VII, people couldn’t wait for the next installment, and now the first look is finally here.

Compared to last year’s teaser release, it seems like the studio really wanted to make the public sweat for a peek at “The Last Jedi.” The Episode VII trailer was released a year before the movie came out, and while some may argue that it wasn’t released earlier due to “Rogue One” coming out,  maybe the “Star Wars” team assumed that the people had their fill. They were wrong.

The teaser hints at many things, including the apparent end of the Jedi. Luke stands ominously in the entryway of a cave telling Rey that the Jedi must end. His return seems to be one that will not last long. The camera doesn’t show her reaction, but there’s a good chance it’s very similar to everybody else’s.

The real question that’s on everyone’s mind: Who are Rey’s parents? The popular belief is that she’s Luke’s daughter, and it’s the most sound theory fans have right now. From the way Luke looked at her in the closing scene of Episode VII, to the amount of time he’s going to be spending with her in Episode VIII, it’s pretty clear who she’s related to. However, a surprising twist seems to be close at hand for this series.

There are several speculations going around involving everyone’s new favorite character, Rey. Some include Luke going to the Dark Side and having to face Rey at the end of the series, paralleling that of the original series. Or Rey could go Dark and join Kylo Ren, where they would eventually fight Luke together. Either way, it’s not a win-win scenario.

The new teaser also shows ex-stormtrooper, Finn. However, he still seems to be in a coma. At the 40 year celebration, John Boyega – who plays Finn – said that his character will be awake and eager to find his place in the galaxy, so it’s safe to say that Finn will not sleep for the entire movie.

There’s also the never-before-seen planet, Crait. The new planet is shown when a group of speeders are racing towards something familiar — “Empire Strikes Back” familiar —  in the far-off distance. Director/writer Rian Johnson has said that the new planet is the host of an old rebel base and plays a key role in the new film.

After a seven month push-back and two long years of waiting, the most anticipated film of the year is set to finally hit the big screens on December 15.

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