Disturbed’s album ‘Immortalized’ explores social issues

Hunter Troppy, General Columnist

The rock band known as Disturbed is simply marvelous when it comes to explaining how our economy is on a steady decline. Their new album “Immortalized” portrays the corruption in our current system in a heavy metal style. Rock is still some of the most motivational and soul moving music out there, which Disturbed reminds us of from the first song all the way to the last.

When it comes to questioning the person you truly are, “The Light” and “Vengeful One” delivers the truth about what one would consider changing about themselves. Other popular hits such as “Sound of Silence” and “Open Your Eyes” cover how oblivious we have all been. Listing to each and every work of art will show you what needs to happen if we are ever going to have a bright future ahead of us.

Other bands such as “Metallica” and “AC/DC” tailor similar musical stories; however, this one has a different vibe. From their solos to their unique vocals, Disturbed’s music is truly awe-inspiring. Selling more than 100,000 copies in its first week, the album was a huge success. Lead singer David Draiman did a phenomenal job with his voice and creativity throughout every piece.

The band has made multiple donations to a wide variety of charities across the U.S. and has taken part in multiple rallies for a greater cause, making them a band that thrives together. If you haven’t already, take 30 minutes or so to give the new album a listen.