Varsity softball ends season as a family

Victoria Flores, Sports reporter

Braswell High School’s softball season is coming to an end, with a record of 2-11. But win or lose, their mantra is they have each other as a team.

“Even though we lost most of our games it doesn’t matter … we are a whole team and did our best,” sophomore AJ Frausto said.

The team comes together and bonds every Thursday night before their games in order to get to know each other better.

“I felt very good after these moments because I knew I could count on my teammates during the games,” junior Adrienne Roberts said.

The team supports each other through ups and downs.

“Just seeing everybody happy is my unforgettable highlight for the season,” Frausto said.

And the season has been marked with small victories. Freshman Kennedy Taft hit a homerun at the Creekview tournament earlier this season.

“Accomplishing my goals is what makes me feel good,” Taft said.