Headphone policy needs to go

Hunter Troppy, General columnist

Braswell is a phenomenal school in many ways: easygoing, amazing people, fun activities. However, every school has a few drawbacks. For one, the headphone policy is something that is so simple, yet so frustrating.

According to the administrators, while walking down any hall, headphones must be out of students’ ears. Why is this a rule?  I would only assume it’s for self-awareness, yet music is what helps you stay self-aware. Something to note: Students only get five minutes per passing period before having to rush to their next class. That’s only enough time for a song or two before diving right back into an hour-and-a-half of class lectures and work.

This made it even more baffling when the library promoted an activity that encouraged students to customize any pair of earbuds with yarn and keep them after completion. Why promote earbuds, then not let us use them?

To increase the school’s budget, Braswell could offer their own brand or other brands of earbuds/headphones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve desperately needed a pair for the trip home. I have no doubt that such a product would fly off the shelves.

Teens– most of them, anyway– don’t make it their goal to annoy everyone and cause disruptions at school, so why not let them relax and focus while listening to their favorite album? Some actually prefer studying while having a song playing. The current policy should be removed to allow a much more enjoyable learning environment.