More than 13 reasons to watch Netflix’s ‘Why’

More than 13 reasons to watch Netflix's 'Why'

Sierra Pasley, Reporter

“Thirteen Reasons Why,” a Netflix original series based on the novel of the same name, is a show that inspires goosebumps and sadness. It’s not easy to watch, but it’s worth it.

The show centers around Clay Jensen and his reaction to the disturbing tapes made by his friend Hannah Baker, who recently took her own life. In the tapes, Hannah explains that the 13 reasons she committed suicide are people, and the effect is chilling; listening to the tapes, you feel as though your name will be next.

This series is important for all young adults to watch, as it teaches that everyone is affected by even the smallest things and that bullying is not always a physical act. “Thirteen Reasons Why” gives the viewer just enough perspective into what a bullied person feels — it shows the life of a person who not only dealt with struggles at school but also with personal issues. It shows that what some might perceive as a joke, others can take as deathly serious.

As Clay hears each person’s tape, he starts to feel scared and lost, having not yet come across his own. As he wonders what Hannah will say about him, the guilt begins to eat him alive because he has no idea what he could have done to make her commit suicide. He no longer sees the others on the tapes the same anymore — he used to think they were just normal teenagers living their lives but his feelings turn into hatred and disgust for their actions. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Upon learning about more of the reasons and introducing more characters, the series ends on a very explicit and gruesome flashback to Hannah’s death. The amount of reality that comes with this episode is, ironically, unreal — it isn’t the normal “Hollywood” death scene. Instead, the viewer sees what suicide is actually like for the person committing it, and how it affects their family and friends.

It’s been announced that there will be a season two of the show in 2018. It’s a good thing, too — there are still plenty of unanswered questions to explore, and hopefully, the show will explore them as compellingly as in season one.