Small change brings big happiness

Morgan Malin, General columnist

Change is good.

We as people are always looking for ways to change ourselves for the better, whether big or small.

Changes in the way we live.

Changes in relationships.

Even small changes like haircuts or color.

Recently, I dyed my light blonde hair to dark brown. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but it was a huge change for me, and I’m still working on getting used to it.

My favorite part of this change was coming to school and seeing people’s reactions, from the wide-eyed stares to the compliments.

The least favorite part about dyeing my hair is the question of “Did you dye your hair?” No, I’ve been wearing a wig this whole time.

Coming to school and breaking my new hair in was the easy part.

Now for the hard part.

I had to dye my hair on my own. I thought this would be easy because I’ve done it before. I went to the store and picked out the perfect color (medium chocolate brown).

Or so I thought.

After two hours of soaking my hair with dye, waiting for it to take, washing it out, and drying it to see the result, I was immensely disappointed.

It was an ugly, dirty blonde that made my hair look like a bird’s nest.

I looked back at the box to see that the color I just dyed my hair was “Tobacco Blonde.”

My hair isn’t a huge deal to me but seeing it the wrong color, put me in the worst of moods.

My mom calmed me down and said she’d take me to get my nails done and get the right color the next day. I’m lucky to have a mom like her. She’s unbelievably patient and understanding. I could write a novel about my mom but that’s a story for another time.

The next day, we got our nails done together. I have to mention the massage chair. I was paralyzed from the comfort.


After our nails, we went to the store and got the right hair color. She still insisted that I do my hair myself. I agreed to her terms because she just took time out of her Mother’s Day weekend to take me to get my nails done and get hair dye.

I went home and repeated the process I did the first time. Two hours later, everything was right.

It was the perfect change — I love the way it feels, especially since I get to emerge as a little bit different at the end of the year.

I guess the saying is true: Change is good.