New discoveries on the horizon with ‘Star Trek’ reboot


Maya Dennis, A&E Critic

After several long years of waiting, the new “Star Trek” TV show trailer has been released.

The trailer opens up on a desert-like planet with lightning flashing in the distance. The new ominous planet has yet to be named, but whatever it is, it is sure to be key.  The camera zooms in on our main leads, two women of color — an already uncommon sight in the “Star Trek” (and larger TV) landscape — but there is no explanation as to why they are on said planet.

While on the unnamed planet, Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) hints to her first Lieutenant that she is ready to have a starship of her own. Shortly after, she pulls out her communicator — which makes the sound from the original series — and calls for a them to be beamed up.

“Star Trek: Discovery” appears to have several main characters from various backgrounds, a welcome diversification of a well-known universe. When the original series aired, having Uhura be played by Nichelle Nichols was incredible at the time. The trailer shows how times have thankfully changed.

Set a decade before the characters everyone knows and loves, the introduction of new characters, a new story, and so much more, is intriguing to even those who don’t know that much about the series. And while the inclusion of new people and plot is looked upon quite happily, there will be no famous “I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got Cap’in” from Scottie or Bones. Still, being able to include more people into this fan-base will allow the show to continue its journey and possibly even earn itself a second season.

“Discovery” focuses on Lieutenant Commander Rainsford (Sonequa Martin-Green), who is sure to break boundaries due to her gender and race. This is a shakeup when compared to the original series, which focused on Kirk (William Shatner) or Picard (Patrick Stewart). The change will allow audiences to see what it’s like behind the scenes and as the second-in-command rather than the person with the most responsibility.

The trailer also shows the infamous race of destruction — Klingons. While the trailer doesn’t confirm if they are the “big bads” of the season, they are sure to play a major part in the plot. Seeing the return of this alien race will give the series a more familiar feeling.

Since there won’t be any new movies in the near future, “Discovery” is the perfect piece of cinematography to hold Trekkies over until the impending doom of a reboot.

While there is no exact day or time as to when the show will officially air, make sure to set your DVRs and watch the clocks. “Star Trek: Discovery” is set to air this fall on CBS.