EDITORIAL: StuCo should focus on fundraising, student-centered activities this year


MaryRose Seaman

Cheerleaders perform during one of the two pep rallies the school hosted during the 2016-17 school year. Student Council would be wise to push for more pep rallies this year.

Mary Miller, Opinion writer

During the school’s first year, Student Council accomplished many things.

They helped make the Becoming dance a success.

They celebrated faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week.

They participated in the Great American Cleanup.

While Student Council made many ideas a reality, there’s still much that can — and should —  be changed as we head into the new school year.

As a new school, it is imperative that traditions are started in order to create a positive culture among students and staff.

Student Council hosted garage sales during the winter and spring; both were successes. StuCo should focus on initiating more fundraisers that can bring in money for school dances and events, such as more staff versus student sports games where they can charge admission.

Student Council could also pull together something similar to the “Candy Cane Grams” seen in the movie “Mean Girls.” This would catch students’ attentions due to the popularity of the film.

More planning is also a key to making this year’s events successful. Most events were planned hastily and without much thought last school year. In order to more effectively plan future events, there should be more announcements and notice given — particularly on social media — in advance of the event.

Although Becoming had a significant turn out, other BHS events were few and far between — for example, there were only two pep rallies during the school year. More pep rallies and dances would vastly improve the quality of life at school.

In addition to more dances, other traditions should be introduced so that the seniors can leave their mark. One especially popular idea mentioned by many students is painting the parking spaces.

Student Council plays a significant role in making our school what we want it to be. StuCo should be a place where students can come together to create traditions and pave the way for everyone else that will walk through the halls of this school.

We’re hopeful that dream will become a reality this year.