’80s nostalgia, superheroes take center stage at San Diego Comic Con

Maya Dennis, A&E Reporter

The world’s biggest nerd fest — also known as San Diego Comic Con — took place over summer break. While Comic Con was originally started for comic book geeks, it has become the bearer of great news for movie and TV fanatics of all stripes.

While the first day wasn’t filled with too many big hitters, the “Pacific Rim: Uprising” teaser trailer was shown. The trailer demonstrates what it means to be in a Jaeger — those humongous  robots — and fight the “monsters” also known as “Kaiju.” It teased several elements, including what looks to be a rebellion by the Jaegers. The film stars current “Star Wars” actor John Boyega and is set for release in 2018.

Of the three days spent “Con-ing,” day two is always the most notable for its huge trailer releases and star-studded panels.

The “Stranger Things” season 2 trailer was released and boy was it a thriller. The trailer focuses on the show’s four main kids again, but they’re not as cheery as they used to be. Will sees other-worldly creatures and is haunted by them. The trailer also shows the reintroduction of everyone’s favorite telekinetic kiddo, Eleven. The new season will take place during Halloween and is set to release this October.

Another big trailer release was Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie “Ready Player One,” which is based on a book where ’80s nostalgia plays a role in everything and there’s no need to take part in reality anymore. Considering Spielberg had such a huge imprint on the ’80s — though he said he won’t include any of his work — it’s hard to imagine an ’80s-driven movie without his movies showcased. Nevertheless, Spielberg’s knack for sci-fi and impressive directorial skills are sure to make for another one-of-a-kind movie. The film is set for release in March 2018.

The last few trailers of note include all the superhero action anyone could ever want. Marvel released the trailer for “The Defenders” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” Both packed powerful punches and promised engaging experiences for audiences. DC also released a trailer for its hero franchise “Justice League.” The film is sure to be action-packed and filled with — hopefully — better content than DC’s previous superhero ventures (*cough cough* “Batman v. Superman”).

Day three was uneventful, until the “Black Panther” panel. Much like “Spider-Man:Homecoming,” footage was revealed only to those who were there. The footage they’re hiding from the rest of the world is unlikely to be seen by the public until closer to the film’s release.

San Diego Comic Con once again gave us some quality entertainment to look forward to and a look inside the minds of the people who play the characters we love so dear.