2017 Fall TV preview

While the feeling of fall isn’t present, it’s always a pleasure to know that everyone’s favorite tv shows are returning.  

After at least a year of suspense, “Star Trek: Discovery” is finally making its way onto the airways. For all those “Trekkies” out there, a refreshing new tale of the classic series is sure to become a fan favorite. With cast members such as Sonequa Martin, Michelle Yeoh, and Doug Jones the show is sure to deliver Emmy-winning performances. With new characters and episodes, who wouldn’t want to join in on the fun. “Star Trek: Discovery” is set to air on Sunday, September 24.

Last season’s hit Dramedy, “This is Us”, is going to start its highly anticipated second season. Since the finale of season 1, everyone who watches the show has been eagerly awaiting to have their questions answered, and from what’s been teased, it seems as if Jack Pearson’s death may finally be revealed. Plus, the recent sneak peek gives audiences how often they’re going to use their tear ducts. “This is Us” premieres on Tuesday, September 26.

Of all the superhero shows on tv nowadays, “The Flash” seems to take the No.1 spot. Featuring the characters you know and love from the comics, but with a twist. The CW show is notorious for its out-of-nowhere plot twists and familiar faces. After what happened in the season 3 finale, it’s intriguing for audience members everywhere to know how they’re going to do a season 4. Whatever the case, the show is sure to knock our socks off. “The Flash” is set to air on Tuesday, October 10.

The CW’s newest hit show, “Riverdale” will also make its return this fall. The events of last season — especially the finale — gives the audience a look at what could happen in the upcoming season. Based on the “Archie” comic books, the show takes an innocent teenager and turns him into a grittier and more mature version of himself. Archie Andrews is now a brooding teenage boy with girl troubles. That being said, the new season is sure to be filled with drama, suspense, and maybe even some action. “Riverdale” hits airways on Wednesday, October 11.

Finally, the show everyone — who doesn’t live under a rock — is excited for, “Stranger Things”. Over a year ago, the first season was released on Netflix and it was hit. While it took a little bit of time for the show to pick up, it is now one of the biggest shows on television. Since the announcement of a second season, people everywhere have been shaking with anticipation. On Friday, October 27, the entire second season of “Stranger Things” will be bingeable.

Fall television has always been a major contributor to the entertainment business, and it’s clear to see that this tv season is going to be filled with heartfelt moments and serious suspense.