This ‘Mission’ is worth accepting

New fantasy novel features action, romance


Mia Thompson

As most of y’all know, I read a lot of books. I even have a bookstagram account where all I do is post about books. I am going to begin uploading book reviews every two weeks, so if you enjoy reading books, keep a look out some that I highly recommend.

The first one I want to put out there for your consideration is “Peace is the Mission” by T. Douglas Tarenyika. The book is about a group of tribal warriors called the Naguals. They form an alliance with a Vulcan general and a Kaal princess who seek refuge in their home upon the Mountain Top. The two star-crossed lovers flee their kingdoms only to find themselves at the forefront of a war. The Naguals seek to better the world and save it from the condemnation brought upon by the Vulcans and Kaal people. The world the Naguals love and live in is being destroyed by the lifestyles of the Vulcan and Kaal people. They are too naive to see the destruction they bring, and now the Naguals have no choice but to unite and fight for what they believe in. Will they have what it takes to secure a better future for all or will they fail as they face the vicious armies of their new enemies?

Tarenyika is a self-published author, and “Peace Is The Mission” is his first published work. He sent me a copy of his book, and after the first chapter, I was already in love. The novel expresses much romance, and Tarenyika has a wonderful talent of bringing the characters and their emotions to life. The main characters deeply love each other, yet don’t speak their love in dialogue often. You can feel their warmth toward each other through his detailed descriptions.

There are also many action scenes that are magnificently strung together with clear images and nail-biting suspense. Even though this is story that swings back and forth between the point of view of the two main characters, you can easily understand what is happening at each moment. “Peace Is The Mission” is a novel of love, thrill, hope and courage all tied into one.

The only thing I have to point out, however, is the structure of the novel was a bit confusing at first, especially in the way the dialogue was laid out. But besides this, the novel was excellent. It transported me to a fantasy realm, and now I wish I had my own beast. I recommend this book to people who enjoyed “Eragon” and/or “Game of Thrones.

**** (out of five)

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