IN THE KNOW: Important school information for fall


Payton Harrington, Videographer

Rules and Expectations

Dress Code (See page 33 in student handbook for more)

-No halter tops or tank tops, see through clothing are also banned

-No sagging pants

-No bandanas

-No pajamas or house slippers

-No strapless shirts or dresses, no clothing with slits

-No unnatural hair or eye colors

-No hats, chains or dangerous accessories

-No inappropriate body art and limited amount of facial piercings

Bengal Boxes (Talk to Mrs. Needham for more details, E119)

-Before use, the space must be reserved by your teacher using the Bengal Box Google sheet

-When using Bengal Boxes, the yellow pass must be filled out by your teacher and hung up on the hook outside of the door

-No more than 6 students in the Box at a time

-No food, gum, or drink in the Boxes

-Furniture should not be removed or added to the space

-When you leave, make sure you lock the door

Parking Permits

Anything involving parking permits or money, talk to the bookkeeper located next to the attendance office.


-Whenever you are late to school, walk in through the main office and go to the attendance office to sign in.

-When you miss a day of school, your parent can email or write a note for the attendance to excuse your absence.

-When you are getting signed out early, your parent needs to come in through the main office and sign you out through the attendance office.


Braswell is a bring your own device (BYOD) school and is mostly based on electronic learning.

-If any device is damaged or stolen on campus, Denton ISD does not take any blame. Take care of your devices.

-When the classroom is on “red”, you can not use your device at all, put it up.

-When the classroom is on “yellow”, you need permission to use your device.

-When the classroom is on “green”, you can freely use your device.


Before fundraising anything, have someone talk to Dr. Guajardo.

-Food is not allowed to fundraise during school hours.

-If your club or organization is making food for after school or products for school, check with Dr. Guajardo before selling.


If you lose your ID, go to the hub to buy a new one for three dollars.

You use your ID’s for…


-Library check out

-Common identification

Never leave your ID at home.

Leaving Campus During School Hours

Unless you have early release, leaving school during school hours is banned.

-Do not leave campus

-Do not leave campus to go help a friend or pick up a friend

The only reason you should be leaving the school during school hours is to do assignments with your teacher, or sports.


Cups that can easily open and spill are not allowed in the school’s academic hallways.

Cups that are NOT allowed in the school are…

-Sonic cups

-Smoothie King cups

-Whataburger cups

-Any cup that can not be twisted shut or sealed

Cups that are allowed in the school are…

-Water bottles

-Thermos cups

-Yeti cups

-Any cup or bottle that can seal or snap shut

Sports Schedules (Fall)

Go to for more details


Varsity Football

Date            Opponent                                   Time                  Location

9/15             Frisco Reedy                              7:00                  DHS (Bronco Field)

9/22            Kaufman                                       7:30                   C.H. Collins Stadium

9/29             ———–

10/6             *Denton Ryan                             7:00                C.H. Collins Stadium

10/13           *Sherman                                    7:00                C.H. Collins Stadium

10/19           **Wichita Falls (TH)                  7:00                 C.H. Collins Stadium

10/27          *Denison                                      7:00                C.H. Collins Stadium

11/2             *Wichita Falls Rider (TH)         7:00                 Memorial Stadium

11/10          *Denton High                              7:00                C.H. Collins Stadium

Junior Varsity Football, Red

Date            Opponent                                   Time                  Location


9/14             Frisco Reedy                            6:00                   away

9/21            open

10/5             Denton Ryan                             6:30                 Bill Carrico Complex

10/26           at Denison                                 6:00                  Munson Stadium

11/1            Wichita Falls Rider                   6:00                  Bill Carrico Complex

11/9            Denton High                              6:00                  DHS

Junior Varsity Football, Black

Date            Opponent                                   Time                  Location

9/14            Frisco Lebanon Trial                  6:00                  away

9/21            The colony                                   4:00                  The Colony HS

9/28            open

10/5            Denton Ryan                              5:00                   Bill Carrico Complex

10/12         Celina                                           5:00                   Celina High School

10/18          ——————–                       —————           ——————————

10/26        Aledo                                            5:00                     Aledo High School

11/1          ———————                         —————        ———————————-

11/9          Denton High                                                              DHS

Freshman Football, Red

Date            Opponent                                   Time                  Location


9/14             Frisco Reedy                            6:30                    Bill Carrico Complex

9/21            at Kaufman                                5:30                     Kaufman High School

9/28            Open

10/5             at Denton Ryan                       6:30                     Ryan HS

10/12          Sherman                                   6:30                     Bill Carrico Complex

10/18          Wichita Falls                            6:00                     Bill Carrico Complex

10/26          Denison                                    6:30                     Bill Carrico Complex

11/1            at Wichita Falls Rider             6:30                     Memorial Stadium

11/9            Denton High                             6:30                     Bill Carrico Complex

Freshman Football, Black

Date            Opponent                                   Time                  Location

9/14            Frisco Lebanon Trial                5:00                  Bill Carrico Complex

9/21            Denton Guyer                           5:30                  Bill Carrico Complex

9/28            open

10/5            Denton Ryan                             5:00                  Ryan HS

10/12          Sherman                                    5:00                  Bill Carrico Complex

10/18          Wichita Falls                             5:00                  Bill Carrico Complex

10/26          Denison                                     5:00                  Bill Carrico Complex

11/1             at Wichita Falls Rider             5:00                   Memorial Stadium

11/9             Denton High                            5:00                   Bill Carrico Complex


Junior Varsity Volleyball

Date                         Time                          Opponent

9/15                          6:00                           Sherman HS

9/16                          TBA                           —————-

9/19                          5:00                           Wichita Falls HS

9/26                          5:30                           Denton HS

Date                         Time                          Opponent

9/29                          6:30                           Ryan HS

10/3                          5:00                           Rider HS

10/6                          6:30                           Denton HS

10/10                        5:30                           Sherman HS

10/13                        6:00                           Wichita Falls HS

10/20                        6:30                           Denison HS

10/24                        5:30                           Ryan

Cross Country

Girls Varsity Cross Country

Date                         Time                          Event

9/16                          7:00 AM                    Guyer Prowl in the Park

9/23                          8:00 AM                    Lovejoy XC Fall Festival

9/30                          8:00 AM                    Denison Invitational

10/11                        9:00 AM                    District 5-5A Championship


Clubs and Organizations

Name                                                           Sponsor                                   Room Number

Key Club                                                     Jeremy Irwin                          C202/C204

Makerspace                                                Noel Hill                                 Library (HUB)

Newspaper/Yearbook                               Erin Cristales                         A209

NHS                                                             Gary Brown                            B103

Rotary/Interact Club                                 Barbara Kinast                        E109

Braswell Steppers                                     Robyn Warren                        Commons

Sophomore Class Sponsor                   Cameron Killian                          ———

Senior Class Sponsor                           Maddi Wood/Martha Wood

Student Council                                Kim Fritch/ Sherry Dietrich             C108/ C101

Spanish                                                   Yuridiana Franco                        C214

Table Top Club                                       Justin Garrison                             ———-

Young Democrats of America               Zimmerman                                E112

Young Republicans of America           Curtis                                         Varies

Water Polo Club                                     Carlisle                                      Natatorium

AFJROTC                                                David C Lee                             J117

Art Club                                                    Melton/Oden                             J109

ASL                                                          Shannon Campbell                  B212

Bass Fishing Team                                Spoerl                                         A117

Bengals Abroad Travel Club                Love/ Teuscher                         E114

Black Student Union                             La Mesha Wilson                      E211


Braswell Ladies League                      Angela Farley                             B106

Business Professionals                       Smalley/Anna Sargent              E216

Chess Club                                            Erin Cristales                              A209

Debate                                                    Ashley Joanidis                          A215

Esports Team                                       Melissa Paterson/ Smalley         C105

FCCLA                                                   Sarah Steele                               E207

FFA                                                        Shannon McCuistion                   J118

Film Club                                              Morgan Rhynes/Chris Ice           E204

French Club                                          French Club                                 C107

Freshman Class Sponsor                  Maggie Talley                               C103

Gay-Straight Alliance                         Maranda Matheson                      F110.18

Name                                             Sponsor                         Room Number

Honor Guard                                            Shelburne/Bohne                     Commons

H.O.S.A                                                     Guy Neil                                    A114