For Fall Out Boy fans, the wait continues

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

For all those who have waited for Fall Out Boy’s newest album, “M A N I A” — you’re going to have to wait longer.

The album that the band — specifically Pete Wentz — wanted to make purple has been pushed back until January 2018. While many fans will moan and groan about this, they need to respect Patrick Stump’s feelings. He said “The album just isn’t ready, and it felt very rushed”.

In fact, fans should be glad they have to wait. It’s a signal that Stump would rather ensure everything is perfect for their audience than throw something together the band isn’t as proud of.

The band’s last album — “American Beauty/American Psycho” — was released in January 2015, so the idea of new music is a godsend to those who thrive off on the band’s content. However, since the last album, Fall Out Boy has been busy.

During the summer of 2015, they went on their “Boys of Zummer” tour with Wiz Khalifa, and even hit up Dallas. Then they were featured in 103.7 KVIL’s “Not So Silent Night” that same year. And most recently, they’ve been donating to several causes, including the recent hurricane in Houston.

So far, the band has already released three singles from the album, which sound quite similar to their early albums — if you’re old enough to have listened to those.

The first song on the album, “Young and Menace” was released at the same time the album was announced. Fans were ecstatic to learn that the band would be hitting store shelves again. With the addition of a new single, nothing could hold them back.

Then there was the completely unannounced “Champion” in the middle of summer. Despite its lack of fanfare, fans were still grateful to receive another single from the upcoming album.

And now “The Last of the Real Ones,” which was released close to when the album was actually supposed to grace the public’s ears. The song already has a music video, which includes the band’s recently famous mascot-like llamas.

While some are disappointed that they have to wait longer for the band’s seventh album, most can’t help but be curious at what the future holds in store.