A look back at the 10 best episodes of ‘Teen Wolf’

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

Since its first season in 2011, “Teen Wolf” has played an integral part in many teenagers’ lives. Now with its final episode aired, there seems to be a slight gap in everyone’s hearts.

To fill that void, let’s take a look back at the 10 best episodes of the series.

  1. The Overlooked (3×10)

As a storm makes it way toward Beacon Hills, Melissa McCall finds herself in the middle of an evacuation at the hospital. Of course, someone the audience cares about is stuck there and has no means of transportation. Soon, the core four, the two rivaling packs, and the season’s villain, the Darach, find themselves stuck in the hospital pit. They have to fight their way through the night in order to save Cora — Derek’s not-so-dead sister — and to stay alive.

  1. Code Breaker (1×12)

Allison has figured out what Scott truly is and her dad has made it his mission to kill Scott. After the reveal, everyone goes their separate ways; Allison with Kate, Stiles with Peter, and Jackson with Lydia — who is currently unconscious. Eventually, everyone who has supernatural abilities ends up at the remnants of the Hale House. Of course there’s a big battle, someone dies, and then it’s over, but it’s definitely one of the best finales.

  1. Party Guessed (2×09)

It’s Lydia’s birthday, so of course she has to throw the party of the year. Everyone arrives, including several wolves. Little do they know, she has put wolf’s bane in the punch. While Scott and Stiles don’t initially notice their peers’ change in mood, they quickly realize that the punch has been spiked. With a flick of the wrist, they find themselves sobering up and on their way to help Derek stop whatever Lydia has planned.

  1. Night School (1×07)

Scott and Stiles find themselves trapped in the school after supposedly seeing Derek murdered by the Alpha. They are soon joined by Allison, Lydia and Jackson, who think they were called by Scott. Eventually, they figure out it wasn’t Scott and have to scour the school in order to find him. When the group meets up, they decide to hide in a science classroom and figure out a way to fend the wolf off. Of course, things aren’t that easy, and they have to come up with a plan B.

  1. Fury (2×10)

Starting with a flashback, the episode reveals what really happened the night Jackson borrowed the camera from Matt. It also reveals who’s controlling the Kanima. Throughout the episode, we see Stiles, his father and Scott try to figure out who’s controlling the Kanima. They’re located in the station and soon become hostages to, surprise surprise, Matt. He keeps them there and sics Jackson on them to make sure they don’t act out. Things end up deadly, to say the least.

  1. De-Void (3×22)

After a long battle with Stiles’ possessor, the Nogitsune, things quickly become intense. All the wolves are somehow taken control of by their anger and soon start attacking their old “enemies.” And to top it off, Scott and Lydia have to enter Stiles’ mind in order to save him. The episode ends with Stiles spitting up roll upon roll of bandages. While everyone in the room is focused on the pile, Void!Stiles secretly grabs Lydia and drags her out of the house not to be seen again until the season finale.

  1. Lunar Ellipse (3×12)

Scott, Stiles and Allison must cross over into Purgatory in order to find out where their kidnapped parents have been taken. Before the title credits even roll, the audience knows it’s going to be a good episode. As it progresses, the kids figure out the parents have been taken to the Nemeton — a tree stump. They split up and make their way there only to be caught in the most intense part of the Darach’s ritual.

  1. Frayed (3×05)

Scott, Stiles and others from the group find themselves on their way to a lacrosse match. With Scott badly injured from the previous battle between them and the Alpha Pack, the journey there isn’t too enjoyable. With iconic moments from Stiles and emotional ones from Scott, the episode is the perfect balance. The episode is filled with clues that later help explain mysteries in the following episode, “Motel California.”

  1. Insatiable (3×23)

The season three finale — and the follow up to “De-Void” — is most notable for, spoiler alert, killing off fan-favorite Allison Argent. The episode picks up right where it left off. Stiles is checked by the Oni to see if he is himself. He is all cleared and quickly explains to everyone what’s going on. They split up and make their way around town to find the answers they desperately need. Soon, everyone gears up to fight the Nogitsune in order to save their beloved Beacon Hills. In an heartwrenching twist, the episode ends with the death of Allison.

  1. Motel California (3×06)

The follow up to “Frayed,” the episode shows that the gang doesn’t make it to their lacrosse match and must set up camp at an old motel. The motel prides itself on having the most suicides to the point of keeping the number on a wall behind the front desk. The atmosphere of the place gives some of the students a chill, but they aren’t too suspicious. However, when the wolves of the team start acting unnaturally, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia take the hint. “Motel California” is the most notable of all of the show’s episodes due to its approach to depression, guilt, and so much more that many teens face every day.