EDITORIAL: Let’s make microwaves, vending machines a priority


Mary Miller, Opinion writer

Mia Thompson

Over a year has passed since the day the school officially opened, and things other high schools in the area have — such as microwaves and vending machines, which may seem minor, yet are nonetheless necessary — still remain absent here.

There are currently no vending machines because of the need for district approval before purchasing them. In the event the school does purchase vending machines, they would only be on before and after school.

Even though receiving approval for vending machines might be a costly process, both in time and money, the machines would be beneficial to students’ overall health if packed with nutritious snacks. Many students don’t have time to eat breakfast before school, or they stay late and find their stomachs growling while waiting for their ride. Administrators have complained about the danger of students crossing the intersection to visit the Icebox or 7-11 before and after school; vending machines would solve that problem.

Microwaves, another missing element, would also be a useful addition to our school. Although microwaves could present a problem if students make messes they don’t clean up, the probable rewards are more important: Microwaves could provide convenience for students who bring their lunch and prefer to heat it up. Instead of wasting time packing a lunch in the morning, students could save sleep and just grab something from their freezer, such as a Lean Cuisine.

Vending machines and microwaves could promote healthier lifestyles for students, as well as make eating more of a convenience. Let’s join the rest of the schools in our district in providing these benefits to students.