Perfect ‘Stranger’

A look at the top 10 best characters on the hit Netflix series, which returns Friday

Perfect 'Stranger'

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Season two of “Stranger Things” is here. Let’s get back into the spirit of the show by ranking the show’s top 10 characters.

10. Steve Harrington

Steve started out as the archetypal high school jock who most people either hate or envy. He breaks Jonathan’s camera and laughs in his face. However, when he sees that Jonathan spent the night on Nancy’s floor, he becomes distant. Eventually, he decides to try and “win her back.” He helps Nancy and Jonathan injure the Demogorgon, which allowed for his character to have an arc — albeit one that never quite destroyed his reputation as a jerk.

9. Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is classified as “The Best Friend” and found his world in turmoil when Mike took a keen interest in Eleven. He tried to keep the group grounded and make them understand that Eleven maybe wasn’t all she was chalked up to be — even though, by the final episode, his doubts were proven wrong. Lucas keeps the group on track in their mission to save Will.

8. Nancy Wheeler

Nancy is your typical teenage girl. She wants to shop, party and date. And who can blame her when she’s dating the most popular guy in school? She is the perfect example of a teenage girl stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nancy’s experiences with Mike, Jonathan, and the Demogorgon transformed her into a more complex character.

7. Mike Wheeler

Considered the main character, Mike helps the audience gauge how they’re supposed to feel. Mike tried to keep his mind on rescuing Will, but the additive of Eleven threw him off. He doesn’t realize how dire their situation becomes until the episode where Eleven braves through the sensory deprivation tank and can’t find Will in the upside down.

6. Dustin Henderson

One-fourth of the core five, Dustin isn’t always on the top of people’s lists, but he is important. He could be considered the “glue” of the group, in that he tries to keep everybody together through thick and thin. He even asks their science teacher in the middle of the night what they need to make a sensory deprivation tank.

5. Jonathan Byers

While Jonathan is better boyfriend material than Steve, he has his flaws. He is the lonely kid in the back, keeping to himself so as not to get in anyone’s way. But he’s also a role model for Will and cares for him. His character is one of the most selfless in that he helps others obtain their goals without really focusing on his own. 

4. Will Byers

While we don’t get to see too much of Will, he looks to be the third wheel of the group. He agrees with everyone else and is usually there for smart remarks. However, when he goes missing, the other three boys take notice. His absence seems to give them more of an appreciation for his presence.

3. Chief Hopper

Hopper’s line “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation” became one of the most popular of the show. While the line didn’t reveal much about him, the show gave audiences an inside look at why he acts the way he does. He has faced loss that no parent should and because of that, he has a soft spot for Eleven. Which is a good thing, because how else would she get her Eggos?

2. Joyce Byers

Joyce is a single mom raising two boys. Talk about hard work. But she does her best and fights for her boys when necessary, as shown in season one. Joyce wouldn’t quit on her son and wanted to make sure he made it back home safely. Her actions helped to finally bring Will home, and show the whole world how important it is to have a sympathetic authority figure. 

1. Eleven

Eleven exuberates power and bravery, making her one of the best young female role models. Not only is she adorable, but she also knows how to be intimidating when the time calls for it. Her waffle-loving, butt-kicking personality has creeped its way into everyone’s hearts. If you don’t see someone dressed as her for Halloween, be shocked.

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