Humans of Braswell: Dekonte Pajibo


Brittney Dear, Editor

“[The University of Austin] is the perfect school for me. It’s very diverse, which is very important to me.

I’m bringing my bike with me to college when I get accepted.

I like biking. I feel like it’s a better form of exercise than running, and I don’t play sports. Biking is not necessarily easy, but it takes me faster than just walking. I don’t go super hard, I just kind of stroll.

This past summer, when I wasn’t busy working, I would ride my bike to and from Savannah to my aunt’s house. Sometimes I would pick up my cousin, and he’d ride his bike back to my house. It’s just fun that way; I don’t have to waste the environment by driving my car. The environment is so important, people don’t understand. You don’t want your house to be dirty or ruined. Earth is our house too; it’s equally important … and so are animal rights. If I want to [say] why I’m vegetarian in two words, it’d probably be ‘environment’ and’ animals.’”