Christmas reminiscences

Students, teachers recall their best holiday memories


Mia Thompson

McKenna Beard and Gabrielle Wilkinson, Staff

Coach Danny Baggett: “My favorite Christmas memory was when [I was in seventh grade and] we went to my grandparents house in Louisiana and all of my cousins showed up and we spent a week together fishing and hiking and it was a bunch of my cousins that I didn’t really get to see very often.”

Wendy Smith: “My favorite Christmas memory is reading ‘‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ and my dad would crack jokes the whole time and make us laugh.”

Ashley Joanidis: “My favorite tradition is that we always did Christmas on Christmas Eve. We would go upstairs and turn off all of the lights, and we would pretend that we were sleeping and then my parents would stomp on the floor to pretend that there were reindeer up on the roof and as soon as we heard the reindeer, we would run downstairs and all of the presents would be there.”

Angela Farley: “My favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas cookies and writing letters to Santa.”

Madison Brown: “My favorite Christmas tradition is when I was in elementary school and we would all watch ‘The Polar Express’ at school and wear pajamas and have a hot chocolate party.”

Ricardo Reina: “One of my favorite Christmas memories is when we ended up going to church before Christmas and when we got back, my mom had forgotten to put the ham and chicken in the oven so we had nothing to eat on Christmas day except peanut butter and jelly.”