We must find solutions to gun violence

Mary Miller, Opinion writer



Virginia Tech.

Sandy Hook.

Sutherland Springs.

These events could have been avoided.

The people killed could have been protected.

Lives could have been saved.

America has remained ignorant to the many mass shootings within our country, and the lack of action equivocates to silence.

In 2017, there were more than 300 mass shootings in the United States. Five hundred fifteen were wounded in the Las Vegas shooting and 58 of those died.  These victims, however, were more than just “victims”; these people were someone’s mother, father, child, significant other, friend.

Whoever they were, they were someone.

When we lose people to tragedies such as domestic terrorism, we dishonor their lives by continuing to allow things like this to happen.

Instead of focusing on the problems that are being caused in this country due to guns, we are worrying about an amendment that was written, with no knowledge of the future, centuries ago. The second amendment may protect our right to bear arms, but should it?

Many countries have already put their foot down in regards to gun-related violence. In 1996, the United Kingdom experienced a massacre, one much like Columbine, at Dunblane Primary School.

While the U.S. looks at these experiences as a reason to fight even harder to keep the right to bear arms, places like the UK take the appropriate course of action in instituting the appropriate gun control.

In the UK, purchasing firearms is a time-consuming process. This causes many people to not even attempt to attain one. Those in the UK must go through numerous background checks, exams, and psychological assessments before gaining access to a gun.

Throughout the duration of 2017, more than 560 people died in mass shootings and still a sense of hopelessness envelops our country.

How many people have to lose their lives in order to evoke change?

How long are we going to continue to look past mass shootings occurring in America because the shooter is a white man?

How many times do we have to learn the same lesson we’ve been learning for years?

We need to focus on making a change in order to save lives before it’s too late.