Navy to Debut STEM Virtual Reality Adventure

Navy to Debut STEM Virtual Reality Adventure

Cristina Olvera, Reporter

On Wednesday, February 21, the US Navy will be debuting a virtual reality experience at Braswell. This experience allows the user to experience a high-speed water extraction of a Navy SEAL team pinned down under enemy fire– from the safety of a seat in one of the Navy’s two newest virtual reality modules.

The U.S. Navy is taking the virtual reality experience to high schools across the country to give students the value and excitement of STEM careers. This virtual reality experience has introduced more than 30,000 people to Navy life since its launch.

Inside the USS Nimitz, students will strap on an Oculus Rift headset and pilot a high-speed assault craft under enemy fire.

In addition to having the chance to go through various missions and exercises, there will also be the opportunity to talk to US Navy Sailors, participate in physically demanding training exercises, and have a photo opportunities with some of America’s finest men and women.