Our Fall T.V. favorites

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

While most were skeptical about the prequel show based on the “Big Bang Theory” character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, audiences seem to like the show just as much as its originator. While “Big Bang” is more of a sitcom, “Young Sheldon” has more of a family vibe. It gives viewers a look into Sheldon’s life before meeting Leonard and before he even graduated high school. Unfortunately “The Big Bang Theory” will be coming to an end next year, however “Young Sheldon” will be able to fill the gap that the audience may have.

“Young Sheldon,” season two, hits airways on Monday, Sep. 24 on CBS.


After the events of last season and audiences finally learning how Jack died, it is safe to say that people are excited to get their hands on season three of “This Is Us.” With glimpses into the future from last season’s finale, it is clear that there are going to be some big issues. The camera shows Kevin on a plane with one of the women at the wedding. We also see Toby severely depressed and Kate trying to nurse him back to health. And finally, we see Randall — in the far future — discussing with Tess about an unknown woman in jail. But what’s a dramedy without a little drama.

The third season of “This Is Us” premieres Monday, Sep. 25 on NBC.


“The Flash” has become a teen favorite since it first premiered in 2014. Now with Barry and Iris married, new members of the team, and life being “practically perfect in every way,” they get thrown a curveball. Their daughter, Nora, visits them from the future and things quickly begin to look less like they’re on the bright side. Season five looks to be more about getting Nora home and fixing whatever “big, big mistake” she made. However, no CW show could be complete without having a big bad. While most of the trailer shows Nora interacting with her family, the last 30 seconds show a hooded figure holding what looks like a lighting bolt knife and uses his powers to kill their tube T.V.

“The Flash” returns on Tuesday, Oct. 9 on the CW.


“Riverdale” has quickly become a favorite by many people. Its first season caught viewers attention with the question of who killed Jason Blossom. Season two has a similar formula in that it asks the question of who is the black hood and why is he killing everybody? The season two finale shows Jughead becoming king of the serpents and Cheryl joining him. We also see Veronica strike up a deal with her father Hiram. A deal that while may have seemed like a good idea to her, may end up stabbing her in the back. And those are just some of the issues that are sure to face the “Sad Breakfast Club” in season three.

The hit series “Riverdale” returns on Wednesday, Oct. 10 on the CW.


The CW is known for making something out of nothing, and so far “Dynasty” doesn’t change that. While it is based on the original ‘80s soap opera, the show has taken its own path allowing younger generations to be exposed to soaps in an entirely different light. Last season ended with a bang — literally. The Carrington house went up in flames with Cristal, Sam, Michael, and Alexis all trapped inside. Who set the fire? That’s the question that will probably drive half of next season. The other half probably has to do with Anders’ daughter, Kirby, returning. When the show returns, audiences will finally have all their questions answered.

Season two of “Dynasty” is set to premiere on Friday, Oct. 12 on the CW.