Identity “Crisis”


Mary Miller, Opinion Writer

Being our high school’s third year open, changes are constantly being made. This year started off with a big one: IDs.

Denton ISD recently implemented a new ID policy affecting schools district-wide.

This ID policy doesn’t mean much change for this year’s freshman due to both Navo and Rodriguez’s individual ID policies.

Similar to these middle schools, students are now being required to visibly wear IDs at all times of the school day. Many students, especially the upperclassmen, have been fighting this new policy

because “they don’t look cool” as well as other grievances.

Students believe that IDs are unfashionable, pointless, and simply unnecessary.

We believe that the ID policy is more beneficial rather than harmful to our student body.

The sole purpose of  IDs is to make sure that everyone in our school belongs on campus. IDs are a quick easy way to identify people in the school and recognize and unwanted visitors.

With 2,000 plus students it can be hard to keep track of everyone coming in and out of the building. IDs are a foolproof way to be able to stay aware of the people coming in and out of our school.

Not only are IDs being positively implemented as a safety measure, but they will also help with organization.

Once official IDs are distributed, you will be able to simply scan your barcode and go at lunch, hopefully cutting down the time spent in lunch lines.  

Most people would find it odd if we had teachers or substitutes without IDs, so why shouldn’t students have the same expectations?

You wouldn’t want adults in the school without proper identification to ensure your safety, and the same should go for you and your peers.

While the IDs aren’t very fashionable, it is not being required to wear them around your neck as long as they can be seen by staff and administration.

This policy is a step in the right direction by putting the safety of the students first.