Vocal about their Vocals


Haydn Burton, Reporter

Choir is a way for a small group of people to convey emotion and feeling through their voices. Braswell High School’s choir has always done big things, but they’re going above and beyond this school year by working hard to ensure they do well at every one of their performances and making certain they are fully prepared for Disney World in the Spring.

Being part of choir is certainly no easy task and it takes a lot of determination in order for each member to perform to the best of their ability. The choir students have to learn the songs, study the notes, work up some courage, and sing their hearts out. Preparation and coordination are the keys to their success.

“We can expect a great choir. We are a lot better than we were last year”, Cole Brantley, junior men’s choir member, said. Though the school is still somewhat new, the members are using their companionship to benefit the choir as a whole.

The aforementioned trip to Disney World has the choir members enthusiastic as well. Brantley spoke of his excitement for the trip and the performance, among other things. Some other members are looking forward to the spring show this year, more so than Disney World. Senior, Meagan Biedinger, is one of those members.

“The spring concert is usually the most fun concert because we do a lot of pop pieces and sing with some of the younger kids from other schools,” Biedinger said.

Biedinger also explained her fascination with singing songs from different languages.

“Even though you can’t understand what the words mean, you’re still communicating the emotion to the audience through the performance,” Biedinger said.

The music that they sing means much more to the members than a performance can portray. The love that is put into each and every event they attend makes certain for a wonderful experience for the audience that has the pleasure of hearing them use their gifts.

To hear more from the BHS choir, email [email protected] You can find the BHS choir at their next performance on September 8th at Little Elm Lake