String Instruments, Rosin, & Bows, Oh my!: Orchestra at a Glance

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String Instruments, Rosin, & Bows, Oh my!: Orchestra at a Glance

Dani Wilson, Reporter

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The cacophonous sound of strings being tuned fills the room as orchestra students warm up before class. Some sit in their chairs, creating the illusion of being in individual glass bubbles as they fixedly play their instruments beside each other. Some wordlessly pluck through their sheet music, making sure they know their pieces forwards and backwards.

The Braswell High School Orchestra is back in full swing, and ready to knock the socks off of everyone who will be lucky enough to see them perform this school year.

Last year, the orchestra accomplished a huge feat. Against all odds, being only a second-year school, they certainly showed everyone what it means to unite and conquer.

“We got all ones at our U.I.L. concert, so we get to move districts and play harder music, which is really cool,” Autumn Campos, orchestra senior, said.

The orchestra achieved a superior rating on both the concert and sight-reading portions of their U.I.L. contest last spring, earning them the coveted “sweepstakes” title and allowing them to advance districts. In their new division, they will be challenged with more demanding music pieces for this upcoming year.

If you’ve been overlooking orchestra in the past few years, now is definitely a good time to check out the bow-wielding students. The first orchestra concert of the year is scheduled for October 25 at 7 pm in the Braswell auditorium. This concert will be combined with Rodriguez Middle School’s orchestra, so attendees will get a feel for the up-and-coming student artists as well as the higher-level, more accomplished musicians.

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