What’s UP with the Homecoming Theme?

What’s UP with the Homecoming Theme?

Mary Miller, Opinion Writer

With the beginnings of the new school year, excitement is widespread surrounding the approaching festivities such as homecoming.

As Braswell High School’s first official homecoming, the event, as well as the theme, will go down in history.

The theme this year, which can be found on posters scattered throughout the hallways of the school, is Up.

The animated Pixar film is centered around Carl Fredricksen and Russell, their adventure to Paradise Falls, and the obstacles they face along the way.

According to Student Council president, Georgi Wilson, the students were not responsible for the selection in this years theme.

At the end of the previous school year Student Council created a google form and submitted ideas for potential homecoming themes.

The Wizard of Oz came out triumphant with the students of Stuco, but not with the administration.

“We did a write up on it and then it didn’t get approved [by administration]. The reason the Wizard of Oz didn’t get approved is because they said it wasn’t ‘inclusive’ enough,” said Wilson.

While Up may not have been Stuco’s first choice, they’ve definitely blow the decorations out of the water. Throughout the main hallway of the school, hanging above the heads of the students, is a bright blue sky featuring plentiful clouds fashioned with butcher paper. Along the side of the railing is the popular house, made of cardboard, from the movie itself.

The windows separating the commons and the main hallway are the main point of focus are the multiple mock waterfalls imitating Paradise Falls, the goal that Carl is trying to reach in Up.

Decorations for the anticipated homecoming dance can be expected to follow the same theme as the current decorations. Be prepared for lots of balloons, a 3D version of the House from Up, and possibly an actual replica of paradise falls.