Friday Night Frenzy


Dani Wilson, Reporter

This year’s homecoming week was truly a whirlwind.

If we rewind back to the beginning, everything was going as planned. Stuco was pridefully slaving away at the decorations. The whole school had their theme-day outfits meticulously planned. Quiet chatter about the game encircled the halls; some enthusiastic, some apprehensive. The school was buzzing with homecoming spirit. Then-

Strike one. Rumors circulated that the forecast Friday called for rain. Some were able to confirm, flashing their weather apps to anyone who would listen, and others denied the unsettling news.

Strike two. The homecoming game was moved from Friday to Thursday. The Thursday and Friday theme days- twin and class colors day- were switched. The whole school went silent for a moment, taking in the distressing news. Then chaos followed.

It sounded as if every person who had even the smallest speculation about the game was going wild. The teams affected- such as band, color guard, drill team and, of course, football- were completely frenzied.

How would everyone be prepared on time? Was homecoming week coming apart at the seams?

After the initial shock wore off, things really shifted into overdrive. Teams were practicing, people were searching for rides, and the student section- blanketed in white clothing and paint- was gearing up for a rowdy night.

Everyone arrived at the game as excited and energized as ever, despite the abrupt changes to their plans.

Just before kickoff- strike three- there was a flash of lightning that could be seen just past the gleaming stadium lights.

The announcer declared a thirty-minute delay.

The game hadn’t even started and yet, in that moment, the entirety of Braswell felt defeated.

They ushered us outside of the stadium, and we waited. Ten minutes. Twenty. Thirty. As lightening continued to crawl across the cloudy sky, the groups in the parking lot began to give up hope.

But, as they say, the third strike is the charm- or something like that.

The gates reopened. Fans started flooding in. It was sprinkling, but a tolerable amount. The rain wasn’t going to stop the Bengals.

Once the game started, Braswell took the lead right away with a safety, giving the team an automatic 2-point lead.

The team scored their first touchdown from Cam Smith from 3 yards out- bringing the score to 9-0 with 8:10 left in the first quarter.

They made yet another touchdown when Greyson Thompson passed the ball to Smith, bringing the score to 0-15 with 9:34 left in the second quarter.

By halftime, the Bengals were still leading, now at 22-0 thanks to a touchdown from running back Jeremiah Richardson.

In the second quarter, Jordan Joyce received the ball with an 11-yard touchdown pass from Thompson, bringing the score to 29-0.

Ifesimi Yessuff made an 85-yard running touchdown that pulled the score up to 36-0 in the third quarter.

After Thompson, yet again, brought the ball into the end zone from a 1-yard-line-pile, the game ended with the scoreboard blaring a whopping 43-0 for Braswell.

Way to go football boys! Despite all of the weather troubles and delays, it’s clear the team came to play this year. Let’s keep that same energy as Braswell goes on to play Lovejoy at Lovejoy High School on this Friday, September 28th.

Show up and show out Bengals!