Suicide “Talks”

Mary Miller, Opinion Writer

Once a year we get the same, fairly useless presentation about suicide prevention. The same animated powerpoint with a voice over about what to do and who to talk to if you’re feeling suicidal drones on for ten minutes while no one pays attention.

But we don’t really talk about suicide.

We don’t prioritize mental health throughout the other eleven months of the year and instead dedicate a few absentminded minutes to it every September.

We preach the ideology that if you’re struggling that you’re not alone and that there are people there to help you, but those simple phrases don’t even begin to break down the barricade that surrounds the topic of mental health and suicide.

“You’re not alone” are empty words.

We need a real conversation.

We need adults talking about the struggles they have been through and that the people close to them have been through.

We need to delve deep into the topic of mental health and strip away the taboo that often leads to suicidal thoughts in the first place.

How is anyone supposed to openly and comfortably talk about their mental health if no one starts a conversation?

Action needs to be taken to save lives and it doesn’t start without making a change.

Speak up.

Speak out.