The Flight to a Fight

Haydn Burton, Reporter

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Violence is something that is in our human nature and the tendency to enjoy watching people engage in acts of brutality is nothing new. Many people relish at the idea of watching fights in a professional setting, but others just as equally enjoy the barbarism of two young people injuring each other. Society’s fixation on watching someone get hurt and then proceeding to record it is something that arises a huge problem. Younger people especially will just stand there with their phone out as someone is being hit in the head repeatedly.

Fighting at school has escalated to a point that students are almost desensitized to the surrounding cruelty. High school is a place where many people feel they need to prove themselves to others and fighting isn’t out of the usual for most schools. Having so many developing young people crammed in a building for however many hours a day will almost always lead to disaster at one point or another. The expectation that school fights should end entirely is unrealistic and nearly impossible to control.

When a fight occurs the whole school goes into a frenzy, rushing to the best view of what’s going on. Students run through the halls with their phones out, ready to press record. A massive group typically gathers to go watch the fight, but nobody ever seems to do anything to prevent the mayhem. They just stand there, gaining gratification as chaos ensues.


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