Why You NEED to Vote (Yes, Even in Midterms)


Dani Wilson, Reporter

November 6, 2018. Around 10 a.m.

Midterm election voting day.

Part of the population of the United States is on their way to the polls. A fraction of them will go later, trying to sleep in as late as they can. And, finally- a decent chunk will not vote at all.

I understand the distress. You don’t like either candidate! Choosing between the “lesser of the two evils” feels morally wrong- how can you vote for a candidate who you don’t fully support just because you really disagree with the other choice?

However, voting is overwhelmingly important no matter how you handle your elimination process.

The most common way individuals decide is to take both candidates side-by-side and determine which one best represents your views. Although that can be harder than it seems (and usually isn’t so black and white), you want to make sure that you can endorse most of their policies and proposed changes.

The harsh reality is that one of the main candidates is going to get elected for office. Therefore, all you’re doing by not voting is eliminating your own voice as to which candidate that is.

Another huge hurdle is the overwhelming amount of people who go on social media and decide that they don’t need to vote because, “the rallies have been packed,” or, “the entirety of Twitter is voting for my candidate!”

Don’t let that stop you! The entire point of the rallies and internet support is for you to eventually go vote. Support on Instagram without an equal amount of support in the polls is useless.

Voting is the number one way- and the simplest way- to change the things that you disagree with in America, and yet so many people still mistakenly see it as ineffective and useless. We as a country have to stop supporting candidates for likes and start shifting those beliefs to the ballots.