Here’s What You Need to Know About Midterm Elections

Gissell Martinez, Reporter

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As the date for Midterm Elections creeps to the end of today. The two nominees are Rafael Edward Cruz and Robert Francis O’Rourke. As Cruz is part of the Republican party, he would be described as a heavy conservative with libertarian leanings. Regarding economic policies, he supports free trade. He is strongly Pro-life. He is in favor of cutting federal to planned parenthood. As another social issue, he opposes both same-sex marriages and civil unions. With the Education issues, Cruz is a proponent of school choice and opposes the Common Core State Standards initiative. Other things Cruz strongly believes in the death penalty, gun-rights and opposes the legalization of marijuana.  


Beto would be described as a moderate Democrat. He agrees on combating with global warming and helping the way and our resources. He wants to increase the federal aid for low-class schooling and communities. Beto is also agreeing to possession of marijuana in small amounts, he has called for the arrest records of individuals sentenced for possession of small amounts of cannabis to be expunged. Beto is a big supporter of pro-choice. He would give the planned parenthood federal money and insurance.  Beto also supports universal background checks for gun purchases.

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