Oh the Thinks you can Think, if You Come See Suess

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Oh the Thinks you can Think, if You Come See Suess

Kassie Araque, Reporter

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Braswell High School has been working on their Spring musical, Seussical the Musical, for three months now as closing night edges closer. With a company of 113, 34 in the cast, 39 people in the crew, and 40 orchestra members, everyone was excited to put on a show for the community to enjoy.

“We put a lot of work into it, seeing it is like reliving your childhood.”, Zoe Strong, sophomore that plays lead character, The Cat in the Hat stated.

The Cat is the narrator of the musical, who often interacts with the audience. The play also includes characters people will love and recognize such as the Grinch, Horton the Elephant, Yertle the Turtle, and the Who’s of Whoville.

“Seussical is very storybook, so you have to be a lot more childlike,” Strong pointed out.

Despite this, many people believe the play will be enjoyed by all ages as they use different techniques to connect with those watching. Throughout the musical, they break the fourth wall to make the audience feel immersed in the plot. But that kind of fluidity didn’t come for free. Countless hours of planning and rehearsal went into the production.

“Rehearsal is usually three hours, unless we’re closer to tech week.” Strong said.

She also claimed, despite the long hours, that she enjoys them. With the company being very close, there’s still time to have fun while also focusing on the task at hand. Tasks such as the 32 songs, each presenting their own challenge.

“One of the hardest parts (of the musical) has been putting the concept into real life.” Benjamin Parker, tech director of the show and a teacher at Braswell High School said.

The crew has worked nearly every day of week since November to make sure every aspect of the play is perfected from the larger than life set to each sound effect. Many members of the company have stated that they have lost track of the amount of time spent on the play, but they agree that it all be worth it in the end.

“I think (closing night) is going to be really sad honestly, because it was really fun and it’s going to be the last night for the seniors,” Strong said, “we’re gonna put in all the energy we have because it is the last show and it’s meant to be the best.”

With three shows down and one to go, tickets are still for sale at https://www.braswelltheatre.com/ $10 for presale, or $15 at the door. Seussical the Musical is open January 24th-26th and 27th, all shows at 7pm at the Braswell auditorium.

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