Valentines Day is for the Capitalists, not the Lovebirds

Valentines Day is for the Capitalists, not the Lovebirds

Mary Miller, Opinion Writer

Every year as Valentines Day rolls around, people flood to whatever store is nearest to them, often at the last minute, to spend absurd amounts of money on things like flowers, chocolates, and cards– which die, get eaten, and thrown away a day later.

People waste their hard earned money on superficial, meaningless items in order to convey their love for other people.

In all honesty, who genuinely believes that roses and chocolates are an accurate representation of someone else’s feelings for them?

Valentines Day, in theory, is light-hearted, pure, and centered around love; but more often than not the end result is a day dedicated to celebrating capitalism.

Capitalism is based on a fairly hands-off producer and consumer ideal.

While capitalism isn’t entirely bad in itself, the way that producers have changed the culture of America, as well as the thoughts and actions of consumers, to benefit them is.

Companies have been putting out advertisements stressing the importance of participating in materialism as a synonymous way of expressing yourself for ages.

In reality, does spending money on what society has deemed the “status quo of Valentines Day gifts” truly show your significant other, friends, or family that you love them? Or does it just show your ability to conform to cultural norms and producers brainwashing?

Valentine’s Day isn’t about being in love and making it known, it’s about price tags and immaterial items that you can pick up from your local Walgreens.

If the overrated holiday truly was about the passion of love, then wouldn’t it promote showing it the other 364 days of the year?

Producers don’t care about your feelings or your loved ones, they care about profit. They’re not going to promote more meaningful gifts that come from the heart, they’re going to promote stripping your wallets on diamonds.

If the true meaning of Valentines Day is showing the ones you care about how much they matter to you, try emptying out your heart instead of your bank account.