Timeline of Terrible

Gissell Martinez, Reporter

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As the multiple cases of Robert Sylvester Kelly, American singer, and songwriter “R Kelly” pile up too many allegations with some compelling evidence. He still is denying all while partying and still living his life as if not having dozens of cases piling on his name.

Since January 1992, questionable events have been spotted with R Kelly. When his album “Born into the 90’s” came out, fans  later note that one of the lyrics on the latter says, “Little cute Aaliyah’s got it.”  

Aaliyah is connected into the R Kelly case by an allegation of the two being married in 1994, with a twelve year age gap. Aaliyah was introduced to Kelly in the early ’90s and he quickly became Aaliyah’s mentor, as well as lead songwriter and producer of her debut album, Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number, which was recorded when she was 14.  

In 1996, Tiffany Hawkins filed a lawsuit against Kelly claiming personal injuries and emotional damage arising from an alleged sexual relationship with Kelly, which she says began when she was 15 and ended when she was 18.

In December 2000,  Chicago police had twice investigated allegations that Kelly was having sex with an underage girl but dropped the investigations because the girl would not cooperate. The sexual relationship with a 15-year-old would have added to the cases if it went through. Evidence in 2001 of a video of R Kelly having sex with a young woman came through the surface. To this day, we don’t know the age of the women. Chicago Police have confiscated it as evidence. With multiple cases made against him throughout August 2001 to March 2002 of sex tapes being sold bootleg to the streets, and a 17-year-old identified by her aunt in a sex tape that surfaced.  R Kelly has now 21 charges related to child pornography by June 2002, resulting from the second anonymously sent videotape of him appearing to have sex with a young girl.  The singer was arrested in his Florida vacation home. Kelly maintained his plea of innocence and was released on bail.

 In 2017 was the biggest, most scandalous time for R Kelly. A group of concerned parents said that their daughters, from ages 18 to 31, were in a “cult” with the purpose of disciplined and used by R Kelly.  Many victims have been “brainwashed” to the point of them nothing wrong with the sexual abusement and the multiple women claiming R Kelly as their boyfriend or lover. Many years with cases and allegations with many women who have horrible stories to tell of the man that did this to them. Who has a face that all women can recognize. R Kelly.

 All the victims are coming together to be able to make the new show called “Surviving R. Kelly.” R. Kelly’s lawyer has come out to say in January 2019,  “Someone with an agenda has done a hit piece.  Kelly’s out in public. He’s not hiding. There’s no secret compound with sex slaves.”

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