The Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

Haydn Burton, Reporter

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Mac DeMarco – Brother  

Although DeMarco is often subjected to scrutiny and is considered to be problematic, there is no denying that his music is sure to put anyone in the Spring/Summer mood.


Bane’s World – Gorgeous

If you enjoy a sound that is reminiscent to 80’s pop and mellow jazz then Bane’s World is the perfect artist to add to your spring playlist.


Weyes Blood – Andromeda

This song and artist in general is quite hard to describe so I suggest to just play this song at night while driving down the highway. You will not regret it.


Charles Irwin – the big window in my room

This is the best kind of song, you can either dance to it with the your significant other or cry to it thinking about the significant other that you don’t have. Either way it’s a great spring song to add to your playlist.


Roy Blair – HELP

This is more of a slower sad song, but it is a great song nonetheless. Everything from the basic yet mesmerizing guitar chords to the vocal performance makes this an awesome track.


SG Lewis x Clairo – Better

The bedroom pop sound has rose to fame with artists like Clairo and her music will surely make anyone want to dance with happiness.


Vanilla Gorilla – Tropicana

This is more so a summer song than spring, but it is still a great addition that I suggest everyone add to their playlist. If you consider yourself a fan of indie rock then you should check out this song.


Boy Pablo – Everytime

There’s no denying that Boy Pablo has lesser known songs that are much better than this one, but I’ve never seen anyone listen to this song and dislike it.


Verzache – Needs

This a great song if you just broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you want to enjoy your single spring break with some great music.


The Drums – I Don’t Know How To Love

Lastly, this fantastic piece of music. Go out and have fun with your friends while listening to this song, enough said.    


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