Spring Break Binge-ables

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

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With Netflix’s copious amounts of binge-able shows and original, there’s no reason why anyone should be bored over spring break. But sometimes the amount of content can be overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a list below of the shows you should watch on Netflix if you haven’t already — and if you have, feel free to watch them again!



This Spanish soap murder mystery is actually more compelling than you may think. Similar to that of Riverdale mixed with Gossip girl, “Elite” is a professional at creating drama where drama doesn’t exist. And listen, I’ve watched quite a bit of T.V in my time and I know that this is not an Emmy winning show, but everybody needs a guilty pleasure, right? However, if you aren’t into foreign language shows you may want to skip this one. Of course, subtitles or dubs are always available, but I won’t judge you too hard if that’s not your thing.


Queer Eye

Coming back with its third season this month, “Queer Eye” looks to make-better a whole new set of people. And we’re definitely not ready to cry yet — even though we’re still going to pull out those tissues just in case. This season the Fab Five have moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Kansas City, Missouri. And Netflix has released a short clip showcasing this season’s stars. On top of that, we know that season three will be released on March 15th, right at the end of spring break, perfect for all of our binging needs.


The Haunting of Hill House

“Hill House’s” un-afraidness to be unique is a big contributing factor to its success. While there are only eight episodes — and a new season on the way — you’ll feel like you’ve lived each of the Crain kids’ lives. Ultimately the show isn’t about jump scares or horror. It’s about the family and the importance of keeping those you love close to you. If I tried to talk about all the themes throughout the show, you could’ve already watched the whole show. It’s that deep. However, if you’re a bit of a wimp, just remember that the pay off is so worth it.


The Umbrella Academy

Netflix has become a platform for unique and original ideas and “The Umbrella Academy” is no exception. Based on the comic series created by Gerard Way — the lead singer of My Chemical Romance — “Umbrella Academy” paints a portrait of a highly dysfunctional family who can barely stand each other. However, when the fate of the world rests on their shoulders, they must come back together in order to save Earth. The plots a dime a dozen, but the way it’s handled makes the whole show worth it. Of course, I don’t want to spoil too much, so just go watch for yourself.

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