Netflix drops “Stranger Things” season three trailer

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Netflix drops “Stranger Things” season three trailer

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

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Viewers have been waiting for “Stranger Things” season three for too long. While the super bowl spot was fun, it didn’t give people enough information to analyze. However, with the arrival of season three’s official trailer, it’s the complete opposite. There’s so much to analyze.

We start by seeing Dustin walk into an empty house looking bummed out. However, things are quickly changed when his friends surprise him. Unfortunately, to their detriment, he sprays them with hairspray. Oops.

When the trailer really kicks off, the kids look like their setting up some sort of satellite. And all of them seem to be extremely moody. From Mike’s “We’re not kids anymore” to Will sitting in his basement suffering, these kids are clearly entering their angst phases.

However, that doesn’t keep the show from being very ‘80s. From the patterned shirts and scrunchies to the brightly colored clothing and high-waisted pants, it seems that the production team really hit this one on the nail.

Remember that teaser about the Starcourt Mall back in July of 2018? Well, you should because it looks to be a major part of the season’s plot. And while watching the trailer I noticed that most of the events highlighted in the trailer were at the mall, so it’s safe to say we should all watch out for Hawkins newest attraction.

Hopper and Joyce’s relationship looks to be taking the next step — or is it? We see Hopper sitting alone in a restaurant clearly waiting for someone to join him. Maybe it’s Joyce, maybe it’s not. But the Duffers have been building up to this relationship since season one, so I say we deserve it.

And we’ve clearly got some new bad guys to deal with which can be either good or bad. Everyone loves a good villain. But everybody hates a truly evil character. The trailer introduces us to two new candidates that could be our potential monster of the season. We see a character in a mask get thrown across the room by an electrical explosion. We also see what looks like a mega-Demogorgon.

Another clever nod towards the ‘80s was getting Cary Elwes (“The Princess Bride”) to star as Hawkins’ new mayor. Obviously, the townsfolk have some things to say about him, but he brought a carnival to town, so he can’t be that bad, right?

And there’s so much going on in that last set of shots, my brain can’t fully grasp everything that’s happening. I’m sure that there’s going to be a lot of drama, but seeing Steve and Dustin doing their handshake made things a little bit better.

“Stranger Things” season three drops July 4th on Netflix.

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