Happiness In The Form of Self-medication

Happiness In The Form of Self-medication

Haydn Burton, Reporter

Everyone has a different way of coping with their issues and everyone has demons that they desperately try to suppress. There are many healthy ways that people can deal with problems in their life, whether it be going on a bike ride to distract yourself or meditating to put your mind at ease. On the flipside, there are things people do to cope that are detrimental to their well-being.

Using drugs and alcohol to deal with things that seem otherwise impossible to deal with sober. Feeling like altering your mind and thoughts is better than facing your problems head-on. Not only have I observed this with many people in my life, but I’ve been in that exact position. I soon realized that this way of achieving “happiness” was a facade that simply didn’t last.

Eventually, the drugs wear off and the feeling of sadness creeps itself back into your head. It just leaves you wanting more and getting “messed up” all the time becomes the thing that occupies your agenda.

In no way am I criticizing the use of every single drug, nor am I ignoring the way that they can positively impact a person’s health. However, the use of drugs in order to gain a temporary feeling of happiness is something that people should never do.

However hard it may seem, using drugs or alcohol to cope shouldn’t even be considered an option. The feelings come back when the high fades and containing your emotions will just be more difficult whenever that happens.

Cope wisely.