Lack of Faith and Judgement

Lack of Faith and Judgement

Haydn Burton, Reporter

I feel as if there is a negative connotation that surrounds atheism or even agnosticism. You tell somebody that you don’t believe in God and they immediately start making assumptions and silent judgment fills the air. This obviously isn’t true with every individual, but I’ve certainly encountered many people that have gotten angry because I don’t believe in God. I’ve even been yelled at before by a street preacher when I tried to explain why I personally didn’t find the existence in God very plausible. I don’t think screaming at someone and telling them to repent for their sins is going to suddenly make them a believer, but I digress.

I would say that I’ve encountered way more people that are actually willing to discuss religion in a respectful manner, rather than immediately resorting to threats of eternal damnation. Despite this, there are still ridiculous amounts of people that feel the need to shove their religions down the throats of others.

I’ve worn shirts that can be considered sacrilegious or provoking and heard the most despicable things from these so-called “good Christians”. The clothes a person wears are a reflection of their inner creativity and stylistic choices and shouldn’t be judged in a negative manner. Besides, I don’t believe that there is anything inherently negative about a shirt depicting something as simple as an upside down cross. If what somebody is wearing offends you that deeply than you should be able to have a conversation with that person about why what they’re wearing bothers you.  

The point I’m trying to make is: everyone has different beliefs and judging someone’s character simply based on their religion is never okay to do.

This should really go without saying, but get to know them and don’t be judgemental!