Must See Fall Flixs

Fall 2019 edition.

Graci E. Mabie, A&E Critic

IT: Chapter Two

In the IT sequel directed by Andy Muschetti, the sleepy town of Derry, Maine comes back 27 years later after the Loser’s Club’s defeat against Pennywise, aka IT (played by the supernatural and action movie star of the series Bill Skarsgard). Now terrified by hearing of the sudden disappearances, the only member to remain in their hometown, Mike Hanlon (played by Isaiah Mustafa), calls the gang back home by the secured blood oath they had made to conquer the group’s deep dark fears of that frightening past summer and to destroy Pennywise. For a final time, the dancing clown himself draws more blood-curdling screams and floating tears towards screens this fall. Catch “IT: Chapter Two,” in theaters September 6th. Derry is calling… And once again… You’ll float too.



The Addams Family  

Thanks to directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, the number one family of Halloween is back on the big screen! Lives begin to unravel for the Addams Family as their sudden move to the shore of Jersey begins their face-off against the 21st century. They’re creepy and they’re kooky, they’re scary and they’re spooky, with one hell of a cast, The Addams family.

 Played by creative actress Allison Janney, Margaux Needler, a predatory, superior, cunning television host, poses a problem for the Addams family. Morticia Addams, with a black and twisted heart, presents a dismaying task to Charlize Theron who must fill the boots of Angelica Houston, who played Morticia in the original movies. However, Theron is definitely skilled enough and prepared for the role. Oscar Isaac taps in his inner emotions as spouse Gomez, the inspiring patriarch. Supernatural actress Chloe Grace-Moretz, voices the surly Wednesday Addams, bringing a whole new level of bitterness to the young, pale girl with black pigtails darker than her soul. The devious, young genius, Pugsly Addams, will have his shenanigans continued by Finn Wolfhard, who will undoubtedly be as good as in his famed role in the terrifying investigation of Stranger Things. Actress Bette Midler will redeem herself and her Hocus Pocus past, as fortune-telling Grandmama. Already experienced voice actor Nick Kroll will be seen as Uncle Fester, and with his talent, he will truly live up to this oddball role.  Prepare thyself, Mortals! Straight outta the coffin, the Addams Family, in theaters October 5th. Talk to the hand…. It’s going to be Lit!