Hurricane Dorain and Its Path of Destruction

Hurricane Dorain and Its Path of Destruction

Haydn Burton, Feature Writer

After raging through the Bahamas and causing billions in damage, hurricane Dorian moved on to the coastal states of the U.S to spread its anger over the last two weeks.

Dorian started off as a low-pressure system, strengthening to a tropical storm after two days, and eventually becoming the devastating hurricane that destroyed thousands of lives. It tore through The Bahamas, causing unimaginable damage to the rather small Carribean country. The storm then ravaged across the coast of North Carolina and only got worse as the days passed. 

At least 46 deaths have been credited to Dorian so far (44 in the Bahamas and 2 in The United States), with many bodies yet to be discovered.

“Literally hundreds, up to thousands, of people are still missing,” said Joy Jibrilu, director-general of the Bahamas’ tourism and aviation ministry. 

People are missing, homes are being destroyed, streets are flooded, and many people have died. 

With potentially thousands of casualties and billions of dollars in damage, hurricane Dorian very clearly shocked the coastal areas/islands. 

Dorian’s calamity ended yesterday when it was officially announced to be “fully extra-tropical” and is now out to sea. However, several organizations have continued to provide aid to those who have lost their homes.