No Joking with the Joker

Graci E. Mabie, A&E Critic

“Beyond evil there is Insanity… Beyond insanity, there is THE JOKER.”

Smile! coming your way from the Academy Award-winning director of “The Hangover,” trilogy,  Todd Phillips is a thrilling, spine-chilling masterpiece showcasing a whole new side of the iconic Batman villain that has never been seen before. 

The film will soon have the world centered on a whole new Clown Prince of Crime, but this time he’s a failed comedian played by Golden-Globe star actor, Joaquin Phoenix, who sends audiences’ imaginations running wild.

The wanderings of Arthur Fleck are viewed as struggles to finding his way through Gotham City’s vanquished society before he travels down the long road of becoming the method psychopath we have all come to know as “The Joker.” In the film, he is an “uneasy”-lone wolf who still lives in the arms of his mother. He has also lost his stand-up comedian job and now works on the streets, ironically, as a clown-for-hire. Growing up, he was frowned upon, bullied and beaten into becoming a lost cause. Later on, as he continues to be caught in a trap between brutality and being indifferent, Fleck makes one bad decision inducing a nightmare of events set to bring terror to the faces of the people of Gotham city and to the beginning call of Batman himself.

Behind the production, Phillips is joined by director of photography Lawrence Sher of Godzilla: King of Monsters, production designer Mark Friedberg of Selma and The Amazing Spider-man 2, editor Jeff Groth of War Dogs, and famous Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges of Phantom Thread. Also starring Zazie Beetz of Deadpool 2 as Sophie Dumo, Marc Maron of Sharknado 3 as Ted Marco, and Dante Pereira-Olson of You never really were here as young Bruce Wayne.

“The Joker” sets high standards as remarkable and astonishing because of Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as detailed in the film. What it has yet to bring to audiences and Fans of DC is not a “tragedy,” but a comedy with the healing power of laughter.

“Why so serious,” former Joker Heath Ledger asked. 

Put on a happy face and prepare for a lay down of the Joker wildcard, in theaters October 5th. Only one thing is certain, he’s ready to turn the frown of Gotham City upside down!