The Best 5 Apps to Benefit Learning

Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

Braswell Highschool is a BYOD (Bring Your own Device) school where students can use their technology at school in order to complete their work. However, a lot of students don’t have any education-based apps on their phones to help them study even though there are so many apps out there that are proven to be beneficial and are also free. 

Duolingo is a language learning app that focuses on helping you learn one of the twenty-two languages available. The app helps students learn by assessing where they’re at through tests, along with writing and speech practices. Each time you master something, it gradually gets harder to help the students comprehend the material in its entirety.



Also from the creators of Duolingo is an app called TinyCards. TinyCards can be accessed on the web or by downloading the app. The app saves user created flashcards to their phone so they can go back and access them whenever needed. Along with the decks, small lessons are provided to help show progress while studying.



Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that made an app to benefit students’ education and comprehension. The app provides short video lessons showing how to instructions for various subjects, lessons for extra practice, or personalized learning skills. They also do SAT preparations and have multiple videos for SAT practice. Khan Academy covers subjects from math to art history and is for grades K-12. This is a great tool for students who feel they need more help understanding concepts they may not be learning in the traditional school setting.


One app everybody seems to use a lot, but have not downloaded on their phones, is Quizlet. Quizlet is an app that helps students create flashcard sets and tests. In addition, games and alternate learning tools are available in order to help prepare for tests. Simply make an account, view previously created flashcards, or create something new to share with others. It’s also easily accessible and fun to use. 



Another well-known app that even teachers use at school frequently is Kahoot. Kahoot is a game-based learning app with a question and answer setup. The players or students enter the game using a pin before reading the questions and the answer choices. They then pick one of the options off of their device. It’s not just for teachers though, students could also use it with friends to help create study materials that can be used during a quick study session.